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  • Dser

    On October 25, 2011, Top Shot contestant, Dustin Ellermann became the third winner of the competition, after Iain Harrison of Season One and Chris Reed of Season Two. When I watched the short intro of the Season Three contestants in Season Two's "Behind the Bullet", I instantly knew I would root for Dustin, because I wanted to see a fellow Christian win the competition. After he had made it past 5th place, I was relieved, because personally, both of the competitors I had avidly supported in the previous seasons: Kelly Bachand and Jamie Franks, had both ended in 5th. After that, I knew Dustin would have a good chance at winning the competition, because he has an innate ability to shoot fast and accurate with almost any weapon he picks up. To…

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  • Dser

    the Season Finale.

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  • Dser

    S3 Week One

    August 1, 2011 by Dser

    The video bios on prove to show major spoilers for the first episode. I have already seen what the Team Challenge is, and apparently saw parts of Week Two, where Amanda Hardin was strangely absent from the Red Team, giving reason to believe that she was the first eliminated.

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  • Dser

    Season Three

    June 2, 2011 by Dser

    As of now, I am not sure whether or not Top Shot Season Three is being filmed. I learned from the Dustin Ellermann Facebook page that there is a rumor that Season Three will be aired in July, but as of now, this is only a rumor. This page is a directory for my blog posts on Season Three.

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    • User blog:Dser/S3 Week Two
    • User blog:Dser/S3 Week Three
    • User blog:Dser/S3 Week Four
    • User blog:Dser/S3 Week Five
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