Jay Lim

Jay Lim, captain of the Blue Team in Season Two.

The team captains are contestants that are designated and/or treated as team leaders, either officially or unofficially, of the Red and Blue Teams.

Season TwoEdit

In Season Two, contestants would use a Sharps rifle to shoot at a 10-inch target from 200 yards. In the end, the two closest shots to the center of the bullseye would be designated as team captains, and get to pick the teams. Jay Lim and Chris Reed were the closest, and each chose the members of the Blue and Red Team respectively.

Despite winning this initial challenge, Jay Lim was frequently rebuked by his teammates for his lack of military and shooting experience. This led to him being nominated for elimination by his team three times. Chris Reed, on the other hand, ended up winning Top Shot.

Season FourEdit

Kyle Sumpter HS

Kyle Sumpter, captain of the Red Team in Season Four.

In Season Four, the Red Team decided to choose Kyle Sumpter as team captain. When host Colby Donaldson asked the members of the Blue Team whether they had chosen a team captain, William Bethards claimed there wasn't a clear leader within the group. After that, Terry Vaughan behaved like a team captain, more or less, but on another episode, Colby addressed Bethards as team captain.

Honorary team captainsEdit

In the Season Three episode "Turn the Corner", past Top Shot winners Iain Harrison and Chris Reed served as honorary team captains for the Blue and Red Team respectively. Iain and Chris coached the teams in preparation for the Team Challenge, along with expert Jeff Gonzales. A $5,000 donation was made to a charity selected by the captain of the winning team: Iain chose Wounded Warrior Project and Chris chose Make-A-Wish Foundation. Chris Reed's team won the challenge.

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