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Season Four

Season Five

The SIG Sauer P229 is a German/Swiss pistol introduced by SIG Sauer in 1992. It has been used on Season Four and Five of Top Shot.


The SIG Sauer P229 is a semiautomatic pistol used by several government agencies like the FBI, DEA, and the Department of Homeland Security. It is mostly known for its speed.

Top ShotEdit

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit

Contestants used the SIG Sauer P229 during two instances of the third episode, "Pick Your Poison". In the first Individual Challenge, each contestant had to pick another to shoot against using the P229.

The SIG Sauer P229 was brought back during the Proving Ground where contestants had to shoot a target.

During the eight episode, "Familiar Foes", the SIG Sauer P229 was again used during Proving Ground. In it, Colby drew a random weapon from the ammo box which would be used in the challenge. After drawing the P229, contestants had to shoot at a target.


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