Russ Combs
 Competition information
Expert of

Kentucky flintlock pistol


Season Four


Russ Combs is a national flintlock champion and an expert in black powder weapons. He appeared as an expert in Top Shot Season Four.


Russ Combs is an expert in black powder weapons and an NRA Flintlock Champion. He has also appeared on History Channel's Top Guns where he taught former Top Shot contestant Daryl Parker how to use the Kentucky flintlock, as well as the Colt 1873 Peacemaker.[1]

Top ShotEdit

Russ Combs appeared as an expert on the Season Four episode "Swing Into Action", to train the contestants with the Kentucky flintlock pistol. He was introduced by Colby Donaldson before the Practice Session. After the introduction, he began teaching the Red Team how to load and cock the Kentucky flintlock pistol.

After the Red Team, Combs continued the practice with the Blue Team.


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