Red Team is one of the original teams designated at the beginning of every season of Top Shot, along with the Blue Team. The Red Team has eight members and is distinguished by red jerseys, sweaters, and coats.

Aside of their clothes, red flags and targets are usually seen through the challenges. Also, starting with Season Two, small red targets are nailed to the wall honoring the eliminated members.

In the middle of each season, the Red and Blue Teams are merged into Green Team.

Season OneEdit

Main article: Red Team (Season One)

Members of the Red Team and Blue Team were chosen randomly by the production of the show.

Season TwoEdit

Main article: Red Team (Season Two)

Members of the Red Team were chosen by Chris Reed, after winning a preliminary round with a Sharps rifle. Jay Lim chose for the Blue Team.

Season ThreeEdit

Red Team S3

Season 3 Red Team

Main article: Red Team (Season Three)

Members of the Red Team were chosen through a preliminary round using a Smith & Wesson Model 500 revolver. Two players at a time fire at separate sets of targets from 30/50/70 feet. The losers joined the Red Team. The winners joined the Blue Team.

Season FourEdit


Season 4 Red Team

Main article: Red Team (Season Four)

Members of the Red Team were chosen through a preliminary round using an M14 rifle. Shooters have to fire one shot at a target from 200 yards. Players are ranked by distance to the center of the bullseye. In the end, even ranks join the Red Team, while odd ranks join the Blue Team. The two farthest shots were instantly eliminated.

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