Chris Cerino
 Personal information

Wadsworth, OH


Law enforcement trainer

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Season One
Season Five



Episode eliminated

"Season Finale"
"Last Man Standing"


Chris Cerino was a contestant of Top Shot that participated during Season One and Season Five.

During Season One, Chris was originally a member of the Blue Team, but managed to survive past the half-way mark in the competition and became a member of Green Team. Chris was the runner-up of Top Shot, losing in the season finale to Iain Harrison.

Chris was brought back for Season Five, but was again eliminated during the Season Finale after losing the Final Challenge against Phil Morden.

Top Shot: Season 1Edit


Chris Cerino's Season One promotional picture

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Week FiveEdit

Chris Cerino new

Chris with the Green Team uniform.

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Top Shot: Season 5Edit

In 2013, it was announced that Chris would be a contestant in Season Five, Top Shot All-Stars.

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