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"Miltary-grade hardware make this a favorite among hunters who demand power, reliability, and accuracy"
Colby Donaldson[src]

The Benelli M4 is an Italian shotgun introduced in 2003 by Benelli. It has been used on Season Three, Four, and Five of Top Shot.


Top ShotEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun

Benelli M4 in Season 3

The Benelli M4 made its first appearance in the Season Three episode "Slug It Out". During the Practice Session, shooting champion Taran Butler was brought to train the teams with the use of the Benelli.

For the Team Challenge, teams had to fire 1-oz slugs at separate sets of 50 jars from 40 yards, one shooter at a time per team. Each shooter had to load and fire 5 rounds per turn, carrying 4 in a belt caddy and the last in hand. The first team to hit all targets wins the challenge. In the end, the Blue Team was victorious.

The Benelli M4 returned for the Season Three Finale where the finalists had to hit 10 jars at 40 yards with the Benelli, loaded again with 1-oz slugs. The winner of the challenge and of Top Shot was Dustin Ellermann.

Season FourEdit

The Benelli M4 was brought back for the Season Four episode "Shotgun Showdown", along with the Benelli Vinci. During the Practice Session, shotgun expert and winner of Season Two Chris Reed, was brought to train the teams with both Benelli's.

For the Team Challenge, teams had to compete separately. With the team divided in pairs, one shooter would use the Benelli M4 to hit an 8" moving target. If hit, it would launch two clay targets that the shooter with the Vinci must shoot. After that, each shooter would go to the back of the line for the weapon he/she did not use. Teams would accumulate one point per clay hit, with the highest score winning the challenge.


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