Behind the Bullet

Season Two's "Behind the Bullet" title card

"Behind the Bullet" is the name given to the documentary that airs after the end of each season. The special episode has aired every season, starting with Season Two. It usually features interviews with the contestants, as well as analysis and commentary on some of the challenges of the show. It also offers insight on the contestants lives at the house and how they spend their free time.

"Behind the Bullet" usually closes with an epilogue showing each contestant, and informing the viewer what they are currently doing in their career and personal lives. The first season had a similar epilogue included at the end of the Season Finale.


Episode Air date
Behind the Bullet (Season Two) April 26, 2011
Behind the Bullet (Season Three) October 25, 2011
Behind the Bullet (Season Four) May 1, 2012

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