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"The atlatl quickly spread across the globe because of its impressive effectiveness in hunting game"
Colby Donaldson[src]

The atlatl is a primitive weapon that dates to 40,000 years ago. It has been used on Season Four of Top Shot.


The atlatl is a projectile throwing device. It is one of the first weapon systems created by mankind. It is believed that its origins were in Europe around 30,000 years ago. Its use quickly spread around because of its effectiveness in hunting.

The atlatl works as an extension of the throwers arm. When it is delivered forward, the handle of the atlatl flexes generating an amount of energy which transfers to the dart. The dart then is sent downrange at a speed close to 100 miles per hour.

Top ShotEdit

The atlatl was used during the Season Four episode "Blast from the Past" in its Elimination Challenge. During the Practice Session, primitive weapons expert Jack Dagger, was brought to train the nominated contestants with it.

The atlatl was used again during the Elimination Challenge of the Season Five episode "The Mile Shot". Jack Dagger was brought again to train the three nominated contestants in its use.


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