Athena Lee
 Personal information



Katy, Texas

  • Oil company contractor
  • Firearms instructor
 Competition information

Season Two


Red Team



Episode eliminated

"Shoot or Be Shot"


Athena Lee was a contestant of Top Shot Season Two and a member of the Red Team.

Athena was eliminated during Week Two, after losing an Elimination Challenge against Jamie Franks.

Personal lifeEdit

Athena is an Asian-American from Philippines. She became interested in competition shooting after visiting the shooting range with her father. After starting to compete professionally, she won a championships in the 1999 IPSC World Shoot, as well as championships at USPSA Nationals (2002 and 2007). In 2008, Athena moved to the United States, winning another championship with the American Women's Team at the 2008 World Shoot. Athena has also worked as a firearms instructor in Houston. She lives in Katy, Texas and works as an oil company contractor.

Top ShotEdit

Week OneEdit

Week TwoEdit


According to Behind the Bullet, Athena was set to compete on the Women's Open Team in Greece.

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