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Season Three

Season Five

The AK-47 is a Soviet rifle introduced in 1949. It has been used on Season Three and Season Five of Top Shot.


Top ShotEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Ak-103 name error
Cliff and mike ak-103's

Cliff Walsh and Michael Marelli prepping their AK-47's

Mike ak-103 one handed

Mike Hughes shooting the AK-47 one-handed

Season FiveEdit

The A4-K7 was brought back during the first challenge of the Season Five finale: "Last Man Standing". In the challenge, the four remaining contestants (Phil Morden, Gary Quesenberry, Chris Cerino, and Brian Zins) had to run a course with 4 obstacles, while shooting a target with the AK-47 at 75 yards after each one. The four obstacles were a 20-foot tunnel, then a 25-foot trench filled with water and logs, and finally crawls under camouflage netting, and through a sand pit under barbed wire. Shooters carry the rifle through the course, loading it with a dummy magazine before each obstacle and exchanging for a live one at each shooting station.


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