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Season Four

"The biggest weapon EVER on Top Shot"
Colby Donaldson[src]

The 3.2" bag gun is a cannon that was used during the Civil War. It has been used on Season Four of Top Shot.


The 3.2" bag gun dates back to 1898. It derives its name from the size of the powder bag used to propel the projectile. The specific cannon used in the show was an authentic model from the Rock Island arsenal used during the Spanish-American war. It was probably used during Theodore Roosevelt's charge up San Juan Hill.

The cannon has a length of 7½ feet long, and a weight of 829 pounds. The contestants fired aluminum projectiles with a weight of 4.6 pounds.

Top ShotEdit

The 3.2" bag gun was used during the Team Challenge of the Season Four episode "Blast from the Past". During the Practice Session, cannon expert Rick Pohlers, was brought to train the teams with it.


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